about us

Eli-yahu Madar owner and founder of METEX TRADE INTERNATIONAL LTD COMPANY,

Working in the fashion business as a retailer and wholesaler.

Eli-yahu's 43 years old living in Tel Aviv, Father for two boys Mori & Renan.

Being a fashion entrepreneur for the past 18 years, Eli-yahu has always been into high fashion with a big passion for top supreme quality and updated collections. 

In 2013 he launched his first contemporary luxury boutique under his name 

Since then Eliyahu's exploring the world, seeking the most updated collection for both men and women with his unique own style, bringing Tel Aviv the hottest fashion trends from ready to wear to high contemporary luxuries brands all coming from USA, EUROPE & JAPAN.








The showroom department represents an exclusive high leveled contemporary fashion brands. 

Specializes in marketing distribution and wholesale for the finest highest boutiques in Tel Aviv and the area, our showroom maintains the primary goal of creating the most hit and trendy ultimate fashion collections. 

With Eliyahu's being a fashion hunter and by collecting the prestigious high contemporary fashion brands from all over the world our SHOWROOM is being the most updated fashionable place to be in.

We believe our customers will find the answer for timeless, lifestyle, fashion outwear look with a strong identity and tones of style.





Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, between Neve Zedek neighborhood and Rothchild Blvd. 

Our shop combined the atmosphere of the holy vibe: An ocean breeze & a high strong urban street style.

Bohemian Cool & Hip is who our customers are. Where all the good things happening, we'll keep representing the finest brands. High ended collections coming from US, EUROPE and JAPAN. 

The showroom store by Eli-yahu Madar holds high contemporary collections, eclectic but still accurate chic selected for both men and women. 

This simplicity style collected in a needle pick by Eli-yahu Madar.

Vibrant , Fun , Effortless and Elegance is who we are.


 last call

Eli-yahu Madar LAST CALL boutique is the absolute final chance for all the snoozers that missed it! 

This is the place to find the rest of the best. Super raw authentic and true to Eliyahu's style, this place launched in 2019 with a personal need to fulfill those who want to dress up with the fine line of our luxurious brands, with an ease mind or just an ease pocket. 

At the heart of this LAST CALL boutique is the integrity that everybody deserves high quality fashion in their wardrobe. 

LAST CALL boutique has a wide range selected from our high-ended finest collections. 

Focusing on sustainable fashion, and representing several diverse lifestyle brands – 

The LAST CALL supplies an everyday essential for both men and women's wear.


8 Ahad Ha'am Street
2nd Floor
Tel Aviv, Israel

1 Rothschild Boulevard
Tel Aviv, Israel

Last Call
8 Ahad Ha'am Street
Street Level
Tel Aviv, Israel