DENHAM THE JEANMAKER Founded in Amsterdam in 2008, DENHAM was established by Englishman and internationally respected jeanmaker Jason Denham. Collections include a full range of styles for men and women across both tops and bottom categories but the core of the brand is firmly rooted in the premium denim segment.

THE TRUTH IS IN THE DETAILS The 5-pocket range expresses a refined modernist sensibility and features an impressive array of signature details and subtle construction innovations.

FROM VIRGIN TO VINTAGE Developed in collaboration with the best Italian and Japanese denim mills, the brand’s real distinction comes from the brand’s dedication to reproducing completely natural wear-patterns and finishing techniques. Focused on producing a careful balance of high and low fade-tones as well as layered three dimensional aging processes, Denham’s ‘Virginto-Vintage’ philosophy celebrates each phase of a wear-pattern’s journey from ‘virgin’ unwashed dark blue through to authentic ‘vintage’ replica washes based on years of real wear.

WORSHIP TRADITION, DESTROY CONVENTION Denham’s seasonal collections of jackets, knits, shirts and jersey are distinguished by their unique use of vintage research and their original blend of contemporary design refinement while always maintaining a deeply authentic jeans attitude. KEY FACTS DENHAM is a fast growing international brand represented in 22 countries with Head Offices in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Tokyo and dedicated stores in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Leeds, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Sydney.