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RE/DONE is not a denim company. RE/DONE is the first luxury label that was born online and grown as an e-commerce brand, founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur. But more than that, RE/DONE is a movement- a movement to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, a movement to keep heritage brands relevant, and a movement to create sustainable fashion. 

Vintage Levi's denim carries, within its stitching, stories of years of wear - history of a past life. Its travels have been recorded in the frayed pockets, the whiskered coloring, the torn knees, and the faded denim. These pre-loved jeans have circulated owners and changed hands over the past few decades, transforming them and giving them a life of their own. Like a fine wine, The Levi's denim only gets better with age.


These jeans have both vintage character and modern fit. With them, you'll never have to sacrifice personality for shape. 

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